Before placing an order, please read the following points:

Firstly, thank you for supporting local suppliers in this difficult time. We have introduced our home delivery service with two goals in mind: To ensure that fresh bread & bakes are always available to the elderly, vulnerable & the fantastic key workers that can't get out to the shop in time, and to reduce the footfall to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


When to expect your delivery

We will deliver on the next available day, depending on location.Orders left after midday will likely be processed the following 'working' day. Please Note that Sourdough loaves require an extra days notice.



We can't confirm at ETA due to the high volume of orders. Let us know if you would like us to leave your order in a specific place. Otherwise, by default, we will ring/knock on the door, leave the delivery on the doorstep, or an alternative safe place, then step back.

Please give delivery instructions to help us find you

We are delivering to lots of new, unfamiliar addresses. Any delivery instructions are greatly appreciated and save us a lot of time on the day, especially if your house doesn't have a number or is hard to find.

Please be patient with us!

This system is very new; our usual routine has been turned upside down and we are working around the clock to ensure we adapt accordingly & deliver the best service possible.

We are currently experiencing a high level of calls and emails and are doing our best to respond as quickly as possible. Please get in touch using one method only; if we haven't responded immediately, we are busy but working on it, so please be bear with us.

Collections are still available

Whilst we aim to deliver your items as fast as possible, we have been overwhelmed with the volume of orders. With that in mind; if you are in a position to collect from our shop, this will enable faster delivery slots for our vulnerable customers. Please note that we have taken special measures to ensure the safety of our staff & customers in store.

Thank you for your support & cooperation,

from the Cornfield team x